City of Amfilohia

The beautiful town of Amfilohia is built at the edge of Amvrakikos bay at the foot of two hills and is the capital city of Valtos province.
In 1908 it was officially renamed Amfilohia (from the ancient name Amfilohiko Argos). It was called Karvassaras until then, for there used to be a caravan station in the region called ‘Caravan Serai’ during the Ottoman occupation. Amfilohia was liberated from the Ottomans in 1829..
The many visitors enjoy fresh fish and gambari (big shrimp from Amvrakikos gulf) and also the excellent dairy products from the region. Amfilohia has a wonderful selection of traditional fish restaurants where you can have a very tasty and freshly prepared meal accompanied with ouzo.

Amfilohia is a communications hub to many important destinations. The distance between Athens and Amfilohia through highways A6-A8-A5 is 330 km and takes today about 4 hrs. The opening of the Ionian odos will cut the driving time down to less than 3 hrs. Drive west from Amfilohia on GR-42 and in about 35 min you are in Lefkas one of the most beautiful islands in Eptanissa, which means seven islands in Greek referring to the seven Ionian islands. Note that Lefkas is accessible without the use of a boat. This is due to a bridge that connects Aeoloakarnania and Lefkas. The closest airport to Amfilohia is located in Préveza (The international airport code is PVK) which is about 30 min drive on GR-42 and in 35 min you are in the Ionian island of Lefkas (or Lefkada) one of the seven Ionian islands. From Lefkas there is boat connection to the islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia. Drive north from Amfilohia to the region of Epirus into the port of Igoumenitsa and from there by ferry to Corfu or to Italy and north Europe. Once GR-42 opens-up, in about 35 min drive from Amfilohia, one can be in Lefkas one of the most beautiful islands in Eptanissa, without having to go by boat.

The Amvrakikos bay is the northest long bay of West Greece. The region of Amvrakikos bay is an almost closed and consequently protected sea area that communicates with lagoons through controlled mouths. In the bay reach two important rivers Louros and Arachthos.
At the mouth of Amvrakikos bay is the city of Preveza, which along with the double delta of the rivers Louros and Arachthos, as well as one system of lagoons, create a rare ecosystem protected by the convention of RAMSAR

What all this means for you & Amfilohia
It means growth. Whichever way you look at it there is future growth in the region and its inhabitants. Quick access to major business centers such as Agrinion & Ioannina as well major touristic destinations such as Lefkas means opportunities for Amfiohia. For one thing, the cost of living in Amfilohia will always be less than the above cities, yet within 45 min (longest) one can have his/her office in Ioannina while your home can be in peaceful Amfilohia.